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About Tactical Heroes

Take full tactical control of your squad in thrilling battles! Tactical Heroes is a squad level, turn-based strategy game where you fight a futuristic war against the evil M-Corp as well as other commanders on the harsh surface of Eden.

Tactical Heroes is a Turn Based Strategy game forged from the same mold as classic PC games crafted for a new generation of tablet gamers. With full Tactical Control: this is a Turn Based Strategy game by fans for the fans. Take control on your iPad in daring raids on other players around the world. Build a base, plan your defenses and leave your mark on the alien planet of Eden.

Tactical Heroes is currently available on iTunes.


Game Basics
Game Gallery
Game Videos
The Heroes
Game Features
  • Strategic combat against other players worldwide
  • Multi-player challenges without waiting for your opponent
  • Level-up your heroes as they earn experience in combat
  • Build your base and design the perfect defense


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Assault Soldier Engineer Sniper

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